Fast track your IIoT journey with Sensital's iBOTics platform

Gain ability to capture and process complex-events from field assests and convert them into actionable insights that empowers your enterprise business with intelligent decisions.
Contextual Insights Contextual Insights Contextual Insights

Contextual Insights

iBOTics helps blur boundaries between physical and digital world by authoring configurable interactions between devices and enterprise systems to provide seamless, meaningful contextual insights.

Contextual Insights Contextual Insights Contextual Insights

Enriched Device Taxonomy

iBOTics provides a unique device taxonomy that holds multiple dimensions of any connected device increasing the enriched device data capability.

Contextual Insights Contextual Insights Contextual Insights

Complex Event Processing

iBOTics processes input from multiple devices into single event enabling meaningful and actionable insights for end to end business processes.

Sensital empowers you to become a truly connected business.

iBOTics bidirectional
Sensital's iBOTics platform can facilitate bi-directional information exchange between the physical and digital worlds in a contextual, collective and easy configurable way.
scaled up IIot program
Sensital's consulting services can help you envisage scaled up IIoT program of work keeping the vision of truly connected business in mind.
trusted implementation Partner
Sensital can become your trusted implementation partner as we understand the challenges of joining the dots in the vast enterprise architectures without losing the strategic objectives.
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