Industries we serve

iBOTics is a single platform that caters to all possible interactions needed between your enterprise systems and the physical world
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Connected factories and sites for improved operational efficiencies, asset health monitoring, product life cycle management and enhanced operational risks, regulations & compliance management.

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Energy & Utilities

Real time system monitoring for increased power transmission reliability, better demand management and cost savings through enhanced predictive maintenance processes.

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Tracking healthcare assets (machines, scanners, monitors, etc.) in medical facilities to ensure timely availability, remotely monitoring patients’ vital signs and delivering timely healthcare services.

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Smart Cities

Connected infrastructure enabling better citizen engagement, quick and effective adaption towards improved quality-of-service, happier and safer community.

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Sensor based smart monitoring from weather, livestock, soil temperature to warehouse, logistics and distribution enabling smarter farming decision and better quality output for your business.

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Travel & Logistics

Tracking mobile assets, monitoring relevant ambient conditions and automatically enabling delivery and notification services, in conjunction with underlying warehouse and inventory management processes.