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Sensital’s iBOTics IoT Platform has been built from the ground up with the intent to provide true IT and OT integration by making meaningful information available to the right place at the right time. By applying design principles of ease of use, open standards and linear scale, it also effectively tackles the biggest hurdle of IoT adoption – time to market and unclear ROI.

  • Quickly discover and configure devices, design information flows and build integrations with Sensital’s no-code, configurations based iBOTics IoT Platform.

  • Bridge the gap between IT & OT with support for a number of industry standards for data formats and communication protocols and both on the IT (HTTP/S, MQTT, Web Sockets, etc.) and the OT (Modbus, G3-PLC, Sigfox, etc.) sides.

  • Seamlessly fit iBOTics into your existing Enterprise IT, with its extensions, hooks and integrations capabilities with legacy Enterprise systems and modern Big Data, AI and Blockchain technologies.

Build an entire end-to-end IoT enabled solution in three easy steps
IoT Solution IoT Solution
Platform Architecture Platform Architecture

Accelerate your time to market with iBOTics

Connect assets, people, processes and systems and get the best out of your business with our iBOTics IoT Platform.

  • Capture operational events in real time and apply contextual, coordinated insights for intelligent decisioning.

  • Design your IT-OT interactions and initiate actions on your enterprise systems or on other devices and sensors in your ecosystem.

  • Rapidly realize value minimal risk by IoT enabling your enterprise with our highly configurable, no-code, pluggable architecture to integrate with several different devices, gateways and enterprise systems.

  • Integrate iBOTics with a variety of devices and systems with its support for a number of industrial protocols (Modbus, SigFox, Zigby, MQTT, etc.), devices (PLC, HMS, SCADA, etc.) and gateways.

  • Get started with iBOTics IoT in the cloud and kick-start your IoT journey by quickly demonstrating the proof of value in your IoT strategy. Bring your own devices and leverage our cloud-based deployment to start modeling your business processes and information flows and connect your sensors and devices to your enterprise systems.

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Industrial IoT Solutions

Highly scalable, secure and configurable platform to build solutions using IoT in manufacturing, power, oil & gas, healthcare, and other verticals.
Outage & Incident Management

Outage & Incident Management

Prevent outages, quickly detect and address incidents and improve customer experience with Sensital’s Outage Detection & Incident Management solution, built on its iBOTics IoT Platform.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

Empower caregivers and healthcare providers to remotely support their patients, automatically detect health risks and initiate instantaneous action to provide timely remote health care to their patients using IoT in Healthcare for remote patient monitoring.

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Enhance efficiency, reliability and availability of your industrial assets by monitoring key operational parameters, initiating predictive maintenance and preventing unplanned downtime with our IoT-enabled condition monitoring solution.

Energy Management

Energy Management

Optimize energy generation and distribution processes, manage spike in demands and limit energy wastage and power outages using our Sensital’s IoT based energy management solution.

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